Medical Radiesthesia

Medical Radiethesia Pendulum

Radiesthesia comes from the Latin radius (ray or radiation) and Greek aesthesis (sensing),  so radiesthesia means sensing radiation emitted by something or someone. Healing pendulums are the tools used for medical radiesthesia. They come to us from ancient Egypt. They are based on sacred geometry and designed for specific purposes.

People with various health issues can benefit from medical radiesthesia. I sometimes combine Harp Therapy and Medical Radiesthesia.

Medical Radiesthesia can also be done remotely.


Environmental Radiesthesia

Electromagnetic lines can be natural (Hartmann lines, Ley Lines etc.) or human created (Power Lines, Cell Phone Towers, Radars etc…) either way they create an electro magnetic field (EMF) that affect we humans negatively. It weakens our immune systems and makes us more prone to serious illnesses such as cancer in adults, learning disabilites in children. In the past and still today in Germany and Austria, dowsing for EMF was/is the norm before a building permit would be/is issued.

I offer my services to check your house for EMFs with specially designed pendulums and correct them. I can also clear your house of entities and undesirable energies. These procedures will restore a healthy environment in your house for you and your loved ones to thrive in.

"Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent." — Victor Hugo