“Since starting Harp Therapy, 18 months ago, we have celebrated his progress. He started at 25 months old with no verbal skills, poor eye contact and limited attention… now our son dances, sings, requests which songs to sing with him…his ability to listen and to express his needs and wants has improved… Thank you, with love,” — The A. Family, Riverview

“S. is six years old and has autism. But S. is much more than his autism. S. is just like any other little boy trying to find his place in the world. S. has been blessed with an appreciation for music. Music speaks to his heart, his mind, his soul, and his spirit. S. has been taking Harp Therapy with Laurence for about three years. One definition of therapy says that therapy is a series of actions aimed at achieving health and wellness. But it’s so much more than that. It allows S. to just be – to live fully in the moment.

He doesn’t have to perform or work hard or learn a new skill or master a skill he’s been working on for months – it’s his moment to just be and enjoy one of life’s pleasures. In being, S. has grown in confidence and self-esteem. He has become more focused and aware of his surroundings.

Most importantly, Harp Therapy has given him the opportunity to be in a loving relationship with another person. Music has become for S. a beautiful tool for him to make meaningful connections with an adult as well as one of his peers. S. has learned to express love and affection. As a parent of a child who has autism, Harp Therapy has made real my hopes for my son to be the loving and affectionate person that I knew he
always was. What more can a parent ask for!" — MS, Moncton

  "I came to consult Laurence Marie Because I suffered from insomnia and had lower back pain. After a few sessions I started seeing improvement. What's more, When I am lying down for an hour on the table to listen to the beautiful harp melody, I feel very relaxed as if I am floating on a cloud. After 4 months I no longer have back pain and I sleep well. Thank you! " - MM, 2012

“As an eleven-year-old boy with Cerebral Palsy, my son didn’t speak. Harp Therapy not only helped add speech to his life but increased his self-confidence… Thanks for finding his voice for him. What would he have done without you?" — CD, Moncton

"Having a child with special needs, I was looking for an activity my son would enjoy and a teacher who could appreciate him for who he was. Harp Therapy with Laurence Marie was a great way for my son to learn to communicate through musical activities.

Laurence's warm smile and gentle nature put my worried mind at ease and my son was able to develop a bond with her. I have seen tremendous growth in M. this past year and our sessions with Laurence are a highlight for M. each week." — KM, Moncton

"Still enjoying being psoriasis free, first time in 15 years!" — CB, 2013

"Our son is 9 years old and has been diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome. When you ask him what he likes about Harp Therapy, he answers, "Laurence is so much fun to play with and I like to hear her play the harp." Our son struggles with fine motor skills and has great difficulty relaxing. Using therapeutic music techniques, Laurence has succeeded in getting him to relax. She has also worked on his fine motor skills by having him play the harp, write music and doing musical crafts. His fine motor skills are improving, his hands are becoming stronger, which in turn improves his writing at school. Laurence always greets us with a very warm smile, you can tell she truly loves her work. We look forward to our son continuing music sessions with Laurence." — DR, Moncton


Success Stories

I am sometimes asked to write articles for The Harp Therapy Journal. I wanted to share with you these articles to give you a better understanding of what Harp Therapy can do.

Therapeutic Harp Reaches Neurologically Challenged Children in Canada

In this article I recount the story of two a young boys: R., with Cerebral Palsy; and E., a nine-year-old boy with Autism ... read more

VAHT Presentation Enlightens Counselors

I was Invited to give a presentation about Harp Therapy and VAHT in June at the annual conference of the National School Counselors Association. I recount my experience giving sample harp therapy treatments to counselors who spent their year helping others ... read more

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I started working with Special Need Children as a Harp Therapist in 2004. I mostly work with autistic children. In this article, I wrote about my experience working with S. ... read more

"The highest goal of music is to connect one’s soul to their Divine Nature, not entertainment." — Pythagoras